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Slide-A-Mile Instructions

Background:  The Snap-On-Tools Slide-A-Mile program is based on 3 E’s.  The first E is Exercise.  If you Slide-A-Mile you will walk or run at least 3 miles because you do not get credit for the runout distances.  The second E is Education.  You must calculate when you reach 5280 feet which is a mile.  The final E stands for Ethics.  You are on your honor to record your distances accurately.  Slide-A-Mile starts March 4 and ends the day the Ice Art Park closes which is March 31st (weather permitting).  All ages are eligible to participate.  Slide-A-Mile Applications to Participate are available at the Ice Art Park front ticket Building #3.  Fill-out the information to include all required signatures.  Drop the completed Application to Participate Form in the Snap-On-Tools Box located in the Ice Art Park Front Entry Ticket Bldg. #3.  Your Form will be reviewed and if accepted will be added to the list of Slide-A-Mile participants.  A numbered Slide-A-Mile Scorecard will be generated for your use.  You will be notified by email that you have been accepted and your Score Card can be picked up at the Ice Art Park Front Entrance Bldg. 3.


 How to Record Your Distances: 

  1. Print your name and phone number on the front and back of the Form.

  2. All Slide-A-Mile slides are marked showing the number and distance in feet.  The distance is measured from the start point of the slide to the end of the ice on that slide.  Participants must slide down all Slides listed on the Scorecard at least one time. 

  3. Every time you slide down, use a permanent marker and fill-in a circle below the slide name. 

  4. Suggestion, each time you are inside a warm building, do the MATH:  add up all your slide distances.  Your Dad, Mom, sister, cousin or aunt hopefully will be doing the same.  Challenge them and everybody else to participate in the  Slide-A-Mile program. See who will reach the 5280 feet first or better yet who will slide the most miles. 

  5. At the end of your sliding for that day you can go to  Ice Art Park Buildings 5 or 6 and enter your sliding distances in the Slide-A-Mile Computer setup to receive your data.  Just follow the step by step instructions on how to enter your data.  Please be sure your total feet are entered accurately  Also, check to ensure your name and other information in your file are correct as well.  When you have fully filled up your score card and all data is entered into computer sign your Score Card and place it in the Snap on Tools box in Bldg. #3.   

  6. Bonus--Each person sliding a mile will receive a Slide-A-Mile Certificate personally signed by Alaska’s Governor Brian Dunleavy. 

  7. A $50 Saving Bond will be presented to the female and male who slide the farthest during the period.  The next four (4) females and four (4) males will each receive a $25.00 Saving Bond.  These 10 final winners will be determined not later than April 15th. 

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